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Learn more about the PPDA’s impact including outreach projects and clinical research.

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clinical Research

Two PPDA Co-Founders; Howard Schubiner, MD, and Alan Gordon, LCSW, led a 3-arm randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of the mind-body treatment approach for patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. The study took place at the University of Colorado-Boulder, along with Tor Wager, PhD, and Yoni Ashar, PhD candidate. The study will be published in early 2019 and a documentary about the study, PAIN BRAIN, is expected to release in 2019 as well. For general info on the study, visit: Indiegogo.com and for clinical info on the study visit: ClinicalTrials.gov

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online training Course for health professionals

We are creating a continued medical education (CME) online course for health professionals who want to learn how to diagnose and treat mind-body disorders. Led by David Clarke, MD (PPDA President) and Jessica Shahinian (Outreach Director), the course utilizes multiple real-world case studies to challenge participants to conduct a stress evaluation, treat the patient on the basis of empathy, and be capable of curing chronic conditions that were previously thought to be incurable. Our online course will be available in early 2019.

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ppd text book

Psychophysiologic Disorders: An Interprofessional Approach is a new textbook for healthcare professionals with planned publication in 2019.  The authors represent a wide range of training and experience including Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Movement Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Sports Medicine and the perspective of a patient.  They also represent Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and six of the United States.  Chapters will focus on the neurophysiology, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common presentations of PPD including medically unexplained symptoms and chronic functional syndromes. Significant effort is being made to limit specialty-specific jargon so that a range of clinicians (and even the lay public) can take advantage of the authors' decades of experience.


THOUSAND Dollars Raised

We have raised over $300,000 to help achieve our mission of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of stress-induced medical conditions.


Thousand PEople Impacted

Our team have reached over 100,000 people around the world in spreading awareness about mind-body disorders (PPD) and the safest, most affordable, and most effective way to treat and even cure patients with these conditions.


Years educatinG Globally

Founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2011, the PPDA has spent the last 9 years educating health professionals and the public on mind-body disorders (PPD) and the most effective way to diagnose and treat these conditions that were once thought to be incurable.


The PPDA and it’s leadership team are often featured in the media. Here are some highlights including a sneak peak of who is featuring us next.

the doctors featuring Alan Gordon, LCSW

The Doctors send a teenage boy with excruciating pain to see Alan Gordon, PPDA Co-Founder. Alan finally gives Casey a diagnosis that seems to resonate - Psychophysiologic Disorder (PPD).

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VOX article featuring Dr. Schubiner

Vox article “America’s most famous back pain doctor said pain is in your head. Thousands think he's right.” by Julia Belluz is about the controversial life work of Dr. John Sarno and features an interview with Dr. Howard Schubiner (PPDA Co-Founder). Dr. Schubiner has continued to advance the understanding of the mind-body connection where Dr. Sarno left off by conducting clinical research, including a recent 3-arm randomized controlled trial in Boulder, CO (publication anticipated in early 2019).

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vox article featuring Alan Gordon, LCSW

Vox article “100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it: Chronic pain often has no physical cause. Psychotherapy can reduce the suffering.” by Brian Resnick features an interview with Alan Gordon, LCSW (PPDA Co-Founder).

all the rage Documentary feat. Dr Schubiner

A life-changing documentary, ALL THE RAGE (SAVED BY SARNO) was created by our friends at Rumur and features Howard Schubiner, MD (PPDA Co-Founder), many of our PPDA colleagues and listed PPD Practitioners. Now available on Video On Demand.

This Might Hurt Film

mind-body documentary feat. dr Schubiner

A stunning documentary by filmmakers Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham, THIS MIGHT HURT, follows Howard Schubiner, MD (PPDA Co-Founder) in his work treating, and even curing, patients with Psychophysiologic Disorders including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and other conditions previously thought to be incurable. The documentary is set to release in 2019, for more info visit ThisMightHurtFilm.com

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curable podcast - DAVID clarke, MD

Curable’s weekly podcast Like Mind Like Body Episode #1 - Your Parents Might Be The Reason For That Pain In Your Butt interviews PPDA President & Co-Founder, David Clarke, MD.

Howard's Curable podcast pic.png

curable podcast - HOWARD schubiner, MD

Curable’s weekly podcast Like Mind Like Body Episode #8 - Unraveling The Mystery of Fibromyalgia interviews PPDA Co-Founder, Howard Schubiner, MD.

Alicia Batson, MD, Curable Like Mind Like Body Podcast

Curable Podcast - ALicia Batson, MD

Curable’s weekly podcast Like Mind Like Body Episode #12 - Stumped: A Double-Boarded Physician’s Quest to Cure Her Chronic Pain interviews PPDA Board member, Alicia Bond Batson, MD.

Alan Gordon, LCSW Curable Like Mind Like Body Podcast

curable podcast - Alan Gordon, LCSW

Curable’s weekly podcast Like Mind Like Body Episode #13 - We’re All Just A Bundle Of Neural Pathways interviews PPDA Co-Founder, Alan Gordon, LCSW.

David Schechter, MD Curable Like Mind Like Body Podcast

Curable Podcast - David Schechter, MD

Curable’s weekly podcast Like Mind Like Body Episode #27 - What Does Psychology Have To Do With Sports Injuries? interviews PPDA Board member, David Schechter, MD.

Falling Up Jessica Shahinian.jpg


Michael Harris, author of Falling Down, Getting Up, interviews PPDA Outreach Director and creator of GotPainCure, Jessica Shahinian, on her PPD recovery story in this episode (video) How Chronic Pain Almost Ended the Life of a Dancer. Click here to listen to the podcast.